Why You Should Stop Rinsing Your Mouth After Brushing

The fundamentals of dental hygiene are well-known.

Never rinse your mouth after brushing twice a day, floss daily, avoid sugary foods and drinks.

We were shook when we heard that for the first time in our long lives on Earth.

That minty bubble conflagration that just took over your mouth and left residue percolating on your teeth seems...wrong.

But the Oral Health Foundation and the National Health Service of the UK say it's correct.

Your teeth won't rot and fall out if you don't rinse, but there are reasons to reconsider.

In 2016, the Oral Health Foundation, a UK-based oral health charity, found that over 62% of respondents rinse after brushing.

but that this habit may cause tooth decay. Dr.The protective fluoride that brushing leaves behind is washed away by rinsing, according to Nigel Carter.

Carter emphasised the importance of fluoride, noting that it not only strengthens tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay,

but “reduces the amount of acid produced by oral bacteria. That way, the fluoride...stays on the teeth and is still effective.”

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