Secret Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

Type of diet soda drinker: Those who enjoy a little fizz and flavour, or those who need it every day.

You might think of your favourite calorie-free diet soda as a free-for-all... however,.

Addiction experts are warning after a journalist revealed her 40-year Diet Coke addiction.

One doctor says we should all be "very concerned" about our health.

This week's New York Times revealed that writer Abby Ellin had been ""At various times I tried to stop,

but I couldn't go more than a week without food "Ellin said. She only gave up the Diet when she developed

a colonoscopy, ultrasound, and CT scan... which were all inconclusive.

The writer abruptly stopped drinking Diet Then she talked to clinical experts in public health

 psychology, and nutrition to find out what happens when you can't live without your favourite diet drink.

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