Self care tips for cough

Coughs can be relieved by increasing air humidity. Increase the humidity using a vapourizer or a steamy shower.

Drink plenty of water to thin secretions and make coughing easier.

Mucus pouring down the back of the throat is frequently the cause of coughing when accompanied with a cold and a stuffy, runny nose.

This sort of cough is best treated with a decongestant that opens the nasal passageways and relieves postnasal drip.

Consult your doctor before taking decongestants if you have high blood pressure (hypertension).

Cough lozenges or hard candy can help with dry, tickling coughs. Choking hazard: Never offer a lozenge or hard candy to a youngster under the age of three.

Avoid smoking and getting into direct contact with persons who are sick with a cold or flu.

During upper-respiratory disease, wash your hands frequently.

Bronchodilators can be used to treat an asthma-induced cough, or an antihistamine can be used to treat an allergy-induced cough.

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