Gavaskar Warns Kohli To Rectify Huge Flaw

Playing under Rohit Sharma for the first time, former skipper Virat Kohli delivered some brilliant moments on the field during the West Indies innings.

His friendship with the new skipper won him supporters and acclaim on social media.

But his batting was a disaster for the 33-year-old superstar.

His four deliveries in the middle saw him score eight runs with two boundaries.

India were chasing a short mark, so Kohli came out to bat differently.

He went for the bowler from the outset, sending his first two deliveries over the fence.

This aggressive attitude gained him two boundaries but also got him in trouble a few deliveries later.

Kohli isn't known for his carefree attitude of closing his eyes and slashing hard at every ball.

So it was odd to see him bat all or nothing.