13 all-time favorite comfort foods

Chicken noodle soup

As a kid, chicken noodle soup was the go-to meal when nursing a cold, which explains a lot of the positive emotions associated with it.

Chicken pot pie

chicken pot pie is a hot, hearty, self-contained meal that really hits the spot.

Chicken tenders

The progression of breaded chicken pieces as you age from kid to adult starts with dinosaur or other fun-shaped chicken nuggets, then regular chicken nuggets.


One of the best things about chili is that it can be customized based on the eater’s preferences. Chili is a whole meal in a bowl.

Chocolate chip cookies

When it comes to cookies, chocolate chip is both the standard and the classic. It’s one of the first cookies most kids try.


Cornbread has long been a staple in the Southern states, but it was a popular dish in Native American culture way before that.

Greasy burgers

A cheeseburger doesn’t have to be a ridiculously unhealthy meal. You can top a 90/10 burger with a slice of cheese and wrap a bun around it. 

Mac & cheese

Mac & cheese is a family favorite, a regional and cultural specialty, and a simple dish with an endless amount of variations and personalizations.


Our very first memories of meatloaf were not fond ones, but it’s a dish we’ve grown to appreciate and enjoy more with each passing year.


Pancakes are another breakfast dish that’s basically just a dessert.  pancakes are fried pieces of batter covered in syrup, butter, fruit, nuts, whipped cream, and even chocolate.

Spaghetti & meatballs

Spaghetti & meatballs is one of the simplest and least adventurous things you can order at an Italian restaurant, which is exactly why it’s a great comfort food.


Tacos are the most chill comfort food out there. Case in point: There’s no widely accepted serving size when it comes to tacos.


Pizza is the perfect comfort food not only because it’s made from the mouthwatering union of warm dough, smooth and flavorful tomato sauce, and melty cheese.

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